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The IBC Office Staff also support human Stem Cell Research Oversight (hSCRO) and the Dual Use Research (DURC) committees.

For questions contact the Office at 412-383-1768


New!  AAV Guidance Updated

Question of the Month:  How long does IBC review take?

The NIH Guidelines requires that ALL IBC research protocols must be reviewed at a Face-to-Face meeting of the board members ("Committee Review").  This is a requirement for reasons of transparency and public information/concerns.  In general, well-written protocols take 14.59 business days (on average) to be placed onto an agenda.  The time between when the protocol is ready for agenda assignment and the date of the next scheduled meeting will add to the timeline.  The following variables will also impact the length of time for IBC review:

  • IBC meetings are scheduled once monthly and the Meeting Dates are posted.
  • A major issue is the timing for protocols to reach the point at which they are assigned to an agenda.
  • Depending upon the content and complexity of the submitted protocol, clarifications may be requested
  • Review by membership ("Member Review") is the first stage, and on average takes about 8 business days
  •  A protocol in the "Committee Review" state has been assigned to an IBC meeting agenda. 
For more details, see TIMELINE
HINT:  Take time in building the protocol application and review for consistency and errors prior to submission!

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