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IBC Office

The IBC Office Staff also support human Stem Cell Research Oversight (hSCRO) and the Dual Use Research (DURC) committees.

For questions contact the Office at 412-383-1768


Welcome Back!

The IBC Office is processing protocols submitted during the break based on the date on which they were submitted in the online system.

To find out the status of protocols using the online system, users should sign in to their accounts and view the blue rectangle to see where the protocol is in the review process.

Tip of the Month:  How to determine the status of your IBC online protocol

Registered IBC online users can sign in to immediately determine the status of their protocols:

  • A protocol in "Pre-Submission" indicates that the study has NOT yet been submitted to the IBC by the investigator
  • A protocol in "Office Review" can either be in review by a member of the office staff ("Coordinator Review") or evaluation by committee members ("Member Review")
  • After sign in, look for the Bright Blue Rectangle (upper left corner) to detail the sub-state and the dark blue bubble in the protocol diagram (on the protocol header) to indicate the general status in the progression towards final approval.  For more details, see TIMELINE

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            page updated 2 January 2018