Education and Training

The NIH Guidelines is required training for Research Investigators and laboratory staff

Training image

Researchers and laboratory personnel must complete the required training component 24-hours PRIOR to first use of MyIBC

The Biosafety - NIH Guidelines Training Module is currently on the Internet-based Studies in Education and Research (ISER) website. 

IBC training will soon be transitioned to CITI

  • Updates to the coming transition will be posted here!
  • Regardless of training platform, there is a 24-hour hold prior to access to MyIBC
  • No re-training is required for current MyIBC users (those who have completed the ISER training)

Additional Training Opportunities:

Visit the RCCO Research Training Requirements webpage for broad spectrum information on available training programs

MyIBC User training: The IBC Office offers personalized Q&A, hands-on guidance, and/or training with the on-line submission process. To schedule an appointment for a customized session to meet your laboratory research needs, call 412-383-1768 or send an email to 

Page updated 12 January 2017