Human Stem Cell Research Oversight (hSCRO)

Human Stem Cell Research Oversight (hSCRO)

The purpose of University of Pittsburgh's hSCRO review is to ensure compliance with all federal and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania regulations governing the conduct of human embryonic stem cell research. As there may be potential ethical concern with any pluripotent stem cell research, the hSCRO Committee's purview includes oversight of both embryonic and certain types of non-embryonic stem cell research.

The hSCRO Committee reviews research in accordance with:

Committee Membership:

The hSCRO Committee was formed in 2005 in response to the Chancellor's charge to develop a mechanism for oversight of the human stem cell research being conducted at the University. The committee is comprised of members with expertise in stem cell research, molecular biology, developmental biology, assisted reproduction, and also includes members with expertise in ethics and law, as well as members of the public who are not affiliated with the University. Non-voting members include representatives from the University's Research Conduct and Compliance Office and the Office of Research.

*Attendance at hSCRO meetings is limited to appointed hSCRO Committee members.

  • The hSCRO application and meeting dates are found on the hSCRO Information page
  • Additional hSCRO meetings may be scheduled if the need should arise
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