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The on-line submission and review system, MyIBC, has replaced the use of paper applications. 

To use the new system, users MUST first complete the Biosafety - NIH Guidelines training module

AND then wait up to 72 hours

  • This waiting period is required because the data needs to transfer from one system to the other (UPMC to Pitt data transfer)
  • Use "Create New Safety Submission" to begin the application.
  • IMPORTANT:  Applications are NOT submitted if they indicate they are in the "Pre-Submission" state.

Please contact the IBC Office with questions or if you are in need assistance!   412-383-1768 or by email at ibo@pitt.edu

IBC Paper Forms
Mentor Agreement
Incident Reporting
Clinical Research - research that is performed with human subjects
Page updated 28 August 2019; updated to remove references to Legacy protocols