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The on-line submission and review system, MyIBC, has replaced the use of the paper (Legacy) applications. As of July 1, 2016 the paper application process is no longer used by the IBC.  

Active Legacy IBC protocols will be transitioned into the on-line system over the next few years:

  • MyIBC is a new system; Legacy protocols do not currently exist within the new system 
  • On-going research (Legacy protocols) will need to be submitted as NEW Safety Submissions within the MyIBC system
  • To use the new system, users MUST complete the Biosafety - NIH Guidelines training module AND wait 24 hours
  • After completing the training, 24 hours later the user will have access to MyIBC
  • This waiting period is required because the data needs to transfer from one system to the other

Please contact the IBC Office with questions or if you are in need assistance!   412-383-1768 or by email at ibo@pitt.edu

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Page updated 09 January 2017